About Me

Hello there fellow-foodies!

Welcome to my little world of food blogging :)

To nurture my childhood passion for writing, I started my blogging odyssey with My Little Space. A few years and a wedding later, with my very own little kitchen and a photography enthusiast hubby and a fellow foodie, I discovered a deeper passion of food blogging and food photography within me. This was how Nans yum-yums! was born :)

As I juggle between being a Technical Writer and a home-maker, I have not much time to hang around the kitchen for too long. So my recipes are quick to make that mostly require simple ingredients that can be easily obtained.

I love simple creative cooking and I enjoy playing around with food presentation. I am not much of a recipe follower, frankly I don't have the patience to follow a recipe step-by-step. I read through them, at times couple of similar recipes, and then having gotten an idea I create my own version of the dish... my way! 

Apart from everyday cooking, I LOVE baking and am addicted to baking breads and buns. My bakes are simple, easy to recreate and are all egg-less.

I am a completely self-taught baker. Baking has brought along so much joy with it that now I cannot imagine my life as a non-baker. My mother, who once gorged on cakes, is now a complete vegetarian. As soft, tasty egg-less cakes are not easily available, she dearly misses those simple cakes she once used to love. For that very reason I took a particular interest in egg-less bakes. I wanted to be able to give her back that joy of devouring a cake, which is just as tasty and soft as its counterpart, that is made of eggs. 

Apart from simple egg-less cakes, bread baking entices me. Getting to know about yeast, working with it, experimenting, failing, trying again, failing again and then trying till I got it right! I enjoyed the whole process until finally I managed to get my basics of bread baking right. I still remember the ecstasy that engulfed me when I pulled out my first batch of perfectly baked bread from the oven.... it was Wholewheat Garlic Bread Rolls, which is a family favourite to this day. Oh, that joy revisits every single time I bake something! There is something extremely satisfying about baking that only fellow bakers can relate to. 

While hubby is not at his favourite hobby of photography, I kidnap his SLR and click away my foodie pics :) I use a Canon 400D with a 50mm lens. (Psst.. though he has tried to share his vast knowledge on photography with me, not much has been absorbed :D I just know some basics and try my hand at capturing my food pics as best as I can.)

Recently I have ventured into conducting baking workshops for kids and adults. If this is something that interests you, read more here: Baking Workshops.

Thanks for dropping by my space. Hope my posts interest you and are of help in some way.

See you around :)



  1. Hi.You know if I start baking bread it will only be because of you.You have made it so simple that I have to give it a try.Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Shubha,

      Thanks a lot for dropping by and writing in. Very pleased to know my post was of help to u :) Baking bread is fun... do try it out! Happy baking! :)

  2. Hi Nandita,

    I am priy's friend saranya, she told that you are good writer and i read your one poem that you wrote for US baby its awesome,i like very much.. I started my blog with the impress of priyas blog and she is good friend , she gave some of her friends blog too..I am happy to joined in your blog...

    1. Thanku Sharanya :) Glad to know you. Hope you like your time here :)

  3. Hi Nandita, haven't got any post from you since long. How are things at your end? You had once written in your post for Beet root paranthas that your hemoglobin count is low. How are you now?
    Hoping to see a new post soon,

    1. Aw thanks for dropping by and enquiring Namita :) I am doing fine now, working on my healthy diet. What is keeping me away from blogging as regularly as I would like to is my busy schedule. Been away most weekends. I have some posts lined up and will be getting around doing them soon. Thanks once again for taking time to enquire :)