Monday, August 20, 2012

Crunchy Choconilla Sundae!

I scream... you scream... we all scream... for Ice Cream! :) :)

Here is a simple way to create your own exotic Sundae, with everyday ingredients from your deep freezer and pantry :)

Well, well... again, who doesn't love Ice Creams?!! We are no exceptions :) Recently, we were introduced to Swenson's Ice cream parlors, and boy, were we glad or what?! The array of ice creams on their menu leaves you drooling and on our first visit there, it was hard to pick one out of the many! However, soon after our orders came in, it was not hard for us to decide what we would like to have on our next visit here... the Nutty Crispy Tower! Every spoonful makes you go 'Mmmmm....' as the crunch of almonds and praline compliment the creamy scoops of the Macadamia and Mocha Almond Fudge ice creams. Oh yum!!!!

Last week, we were in a mood to indulge in this royal dessert once again, and this time hubby put on the Chef's hat and suggested we try making (rather assembling...) it at home with simple, everyday ingredients. He worked his magic and recreated his version of this sundae, and ah... was it yum! :) Why cant everyday be a Sundae?! :)

I am just listing here the ingredients we used to create our sundae, the quantity depends purely on you. 
Be creative, be experimental, add your own touch to your sundae and make it a fundae! :) 


Vanilla Ice-cream
Chocolate Ice-cream
Chocolate Sauce
Cashew nuts


  • Place some cornflakes at the bottom of the glass. (If you like it really crunchy, be generous with this helping).
  • Squeeze on some honey on top of this crunchy goodness.
  • Scoop in Chocolate Ice-cream.
  • Add round slices of bananas (the number of slices, depends on your love for the fruit, you can even skip this if you are not best friends with bananas!).
  • Squeeze on some more honey.
  • Scoop in Vanilla Ice-cream.
  • Drizzle some chocolate sauce over this.
  • Decorate with some cashew nuts, that are lightly roasted in ghee.
  • Stick in a wafer (we used Aliva bakes! The saltiness gave a new dimension to the dessert!) and.... voila, you have your own sundae! :)

  • Don't wait another second to indulge in this creamy delight. 

  • Am sure you would think too... Ah, why cant everyday be a Sundae!! :)


  1. Wow, thats an amazing sunday. Banana & chocolate is a great combo

  2. looks lovely!! im ur new follower!!.......lovely blog!

  3. I need an invitation soon :) nice combination and drooling here!

  4. woww... yummm.. i will come to have this :0

  5. A good crunch, some chocolate and lots of ice cream. Nothing like a Sundae. Nicely done