How to?


  1. Hi Nandita! I'm a regular reader of ur blog and your coffee almond cup cake is a big hit with my son.
    Can you please share a eggless sponge cake recipe.

    1. Hello Sowmya,

      So glad to know you are a regular reader of my little blog and that your son loves the Coffe Almond Cupcakes :) Thanks for letting me know :) I do have a basic Vanilla Tea cake recipe. You can find the recipe here:

      Hope this helps :) please do share pics of your bakes, if you have any. Would love to see!

      Cheers, Nandita

  2. Hii Nandita,
    I love reading ur blog. Your simple and accurate recipes hav made baking a cakewalk for all. The step by step photos further help a lot..

    My question is could you share some easy recipes for cake frostings? I hav been baking simple eggless cakes since years but never felt confideny of trying any frosting.

    1. Hello Priyanka,

      Thanks for writing in and letting me know that you love my blog! :) I love hearing back from readers. Glad to know my posts have been helpful to you. Regarding frosting, I am a novice too in that field and have been meaning to perfect some basic simple frosting techniques. I am working on it and will post them sometime in the near future. I hope they help you. Thanks for the feedback!