Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bun Puri | Sweet Puris | Konkani Dessert

I have very beautiful memories of my childhood, school days in particular, when my brother and I returned from school all exhausted but bubbling with anticipation and excitement of what goodie awaits us at the dining table! Mum used to make yummies for us every evening to recharge our batteries and that itself was an event I used to look forward to. 

Junk food hardly had any space in mum's menu but that did not stop her from making the usual boring healthy dishes taste yummy. These Bun Puris featured quite often in her menu and were much loved by us all. Quick and easy to make, she would prepare these just before serving and we would devour them hot! Mildly flavoured, these soft sweet puris were quite filling and healthy too. 

After my wedding, I learnt of a similar looking and tasting sweet dish prepared by my Ma-in-law called the Mangalore Buns. This apparently is a famous sweet dish of Mangalore. The preparation of Bun Puris is simpler compared to their Mangalore cousins, owing to the lesser number of ingredients these use.


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 1 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Curd - 3-4 tbsp
Oil - for frying


  • Combine together the flour and sugar.

  • Mix in the curd, little by little until a dough is formed which is firm and not too sticky.

Note: The sugar granules will start dissolving in the curd and cause the dough mix to become syrupy in no time. Hence, make sure you do not keep the dough standing for too long.

  • Heat oil in a kadai and set flame on medium.
  • Make small even-sized balls out of the dough mix.

  • Dust your work floor with flour and using a rolling pin, flatten out the little balls evenly.

Note: If the dough is flatten out too thin, the bun puris will turn out crispy. If the dough is flattened out to a thicker consistency, you get fluffy bun puris. Have your pick :)

  • Deep fry these little puris till they turn golden brown.
  • Drain out the oil on a tissue paper and serve warm.

  • Munch on them as you sip your evening coffee or tea.

  • And before you know it... its all gone :)
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  1. So when are you inviting me to have these ... :) looks very tempting!

    1. Thanks :) Lets meet up soon and exchange goodies :) I cant wait to try out some yummies from u as well :)

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    1. very interesting sweet Nanditha :) thanks a ton for linking this to Christmas event means a lot

  3. These puris are great tea time snack, loved the presentation. New to your space & you have a lovely blog. Great presentation too!! Happy to follow you.

    Do drop by my space & follow if u like

    1. thank Shweta, welcome to my little space :)

  4. We too call it buns and its quite a common dish in Mangalore. Lovely!

  5. I never ever heard of this snack before... it looks yummy though..:))
    Enjoyed browsing through your recipes.. loved it..
    Glad to follow u..

    1. Its is a Konkani sweet dish Reva, you should try it sometime, it is yummy! :) Thanks for dropping by :)

  6. Love Love the dish and the pic as well.. U have beautiful blog....