Friday, September 28, 2012

Sprouted Moong and Mayo Sandwich

Ah... that feeling of goodness within, when you have prepared, served and enjoyed a good healthy meal! :)

Just back from a fabulous week-long holiday...( oh you can read all about it here! :) ) getting back into the kitchen was a blissful! As I did my grocery shopping, I saw some fresh lettuce leaves and I remembered the sprouted moong salad sitting in the fridge. There... I decided my menu for the next day in advance - it was this health packed sandwich!

It took me just a few minutes to plan it out and few more minutes the next day to lay it out on the table. 

Very often I get into this mood to cook healthy. I go all out... plan and cook with only healthy ingredients, try to avoid anything unhealthy... but the sad part is, this mood moves on as quickly as it came by! Blame it on laziness, tiredness... (oh, the excuses are endless :P) I resign to my easier routine of cooking what is easiest without much thought on whats best health-wise.

The health-conscious-me tries advising the lazy-me... that cooking healthy is not tough at all! With just smart planning, everyday meals can be made healthy in fact the effort is much less and with no compromise on the yum-factor!  

Lazy-me agrees... it is easy to cook healthy, with a little bit of planning. And the sandwiches... oh yum yum yum! :) Here is hoping that this mood lasts! :) 


Whole wheat bread - 4 slices
Mayonnaise - to taste
American Mustard Sauce - to taste
Lettuce Leaves - a few



  • Add in scoops of mayonnaise and a dash of mustard sauce into the bowl of sprouted moong salad. Mix well and combine all the ingredients.

  • Smear butter on the outer sides of the bread and place two slices on the toaster-griller.
  • Place lettuce leaves on the bread and then a generous scoop of the sprouted moong-mayo mixture and spread out evenly.
  • Add on some more lettuce leaves and then cover with the other bread slices with the buttered side on top.
  • Grill for about 5 minutes until you get golden brown lines on your sandwich.

  • Yum it up with some tomato ketchup or savour it as is :)

Made this poor guy wait till I clicked all these pictures :D You can see he is loosing patience!!

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  1. Healthy and so filling, like the addition of sprouted moongs.. when are we meeting btw.. lets catch up !!

  2. gr8 healthy filling thanks for linking to the event