Monday, June 23, 2014

Banana Walnut Loaf Cake [Egg-less]

This is one of the most unplanned posts on my blog. 

I had not much time on hand that day, I had two over ripe bananas, we were to head out in about 45 minutes and yet... I planned on baking this beauty in that little time gap that I had! Banana Walnut bread was one of the first homemade cakes that I had eaten as a little girl at my aunt's place and ever since has been a fond favourite of mine. I had long been wanting to bake a loaf of it in my new oven and had been putting it off for later.

But that day, was the day!

Having made up my mind in a matter of minutes, I just got into action without wasting another minute. Namita's lovely blog on healthy bakes came to my rescue. I tweaked her recipe to add in some walnuts and a dash of cinnamon powder and voila... a pretty baked loaf of yumminess was what I got as end result :)

I had not planned on posting this here, as I did not take proper pictures and also I told you what a mad rush I was in. But I felt that these picture taken from my basic mobile camera were pretty decent making me want to share it with you all :) 

So here goes... a lovely simple recipe that will make you want to do a tap dance as you pull out the goodie from the oven! :)

Adapted from here.
Prep time: 20 mins
Baking time: 30 mins

Banana - 1 cup mashed
All Purpose Flour /Maida - 1 1/2 cups
Curd - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Olive Oil - 1/4 cup
Baking Powder - 1/2 tsp 
Baking Soda - 1/4 tsp
Cinnamon Powder - 1/4 tsp
Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp
Walnuts - 1/4 cup

  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees. 
  • Grease a baking pan and line it with parchment paper.
  • In a mixing bowl, add sugar to curd and beat well. Keep it aside till sugar dissolves. 
  • Sift all purpose flour with baking powder, baking soda and salt. 
  • Add in the mashed bananas, oil and vanilla essence to curd sugar mixture. 
  • Now, add in the flour mixture to  the wet ingredients gradually, fold in the batter gently to ensure that there are no lumps. 
  • Finally, toss in the walnuts and cinnamon powder and mix again.
  • Pour the batter in a greased 6 inches cake tin. Sprinkle some more walnuts on top, if you like.
  • Bake at 180 degrees for about 25 to 30 minutes or when a skewer inserted in the center comes out clean. 
  • Remove the cake out of the oven and allow it to cool on a wire rack. Slice when cold and enjoy! :)


  1. that loaf looks really tempting Nandita!!

  2. What a beauty Nandita! ummm.... I can smell the lovely combination of Banana and Cinnamon. Lovely loaf dotted with walnuts. Did you take it on a journey? I am sure you must have enjoyed it immensely. You are surely doing wonders with your new oven. I am waiting for many more...

    1. I am not sure if you noticed where I got this beautiful recipe from!! :) We were just going out for some errands, so were back home later in the day on time to gobble these up :) I took them to office the next day and that was when my friend got all interested in your blog :)

  3. Hi Nandita,
    Tried baking this cake today I did not have baking soda so I used the liquid soda. My cake did not rise at all and was very sticky. Could soda be the problem? And for how long should we beat the mixture after adding the flour?

    1. Hello Jyotika, I have never used liquid soda and am not too sure if this can be substituted for baking soda (powder). I am guessing that may be the reason for your cake to have become sticky. For this cake recipe, you do not need to beat the mixture at all. You can just incorporate all the ingredients by the 'folding' method which is just mixing in the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients gradually and using a spatula mixing the mixture to form a lump-free batter. hope this helps you. Try it with baking soda (powder) next time and am sure you wont be disappointed :) Let me know if you need anything else.