Monday, August 11, 2014

Nan's Yum-yums! Junior Bakers - a FUN baking workshop for kids (May 2014)

There has been so much happening lately, that I have been trying hard to catch up with time to update my little blog and share with you all, the happens at my end! Days seem to be sprinting past like lighting and I am on my heels trying to keep pace. Well, fast-paced months these, but full of fun alright! 

Let me begin by filling you in with the details about the new horizon Nan's Yum-yums has entered. I have put into action a long brewing thought of mine.Baking workshops! Yes, I am now conducting baking workshops and have successfully completed two in the last 3 months!

It was sometime in the beginning of this year, when an idea struck me. Its was almost two years since I began my home baking and I have been enjoying it all along. Baking gives me boundless joy and I wanted to spread this joy among people who were eager and willing to learn.

So, the day came much sooner than I expected and in early May 2014, I conducted my first baking workshop at a beautiful activity center called Bloom and Grow. This workshop was specially planned for little kids, aged 7 yrs and above. Junior Bakers, as I named it was a milestone for Nan's Yum-yums and a first of the many I plan to conduct in the days to come.

I had planned on a batch size of 10 and it was a pleasure having 11 little junior bakers, aged between 6 and 12, came along and join me in this workshop. Some mommies and daddies joined along to encourage and help their tots. The excitement of the little ones rubbed off on me and the room was full of energy and FUN! 

We baked 2 kinds of muffins - Apple Cinnamon and Carrots and Walnut muffins and baked some Cinnamon Rolls and Bread Bunnies. 

This enthusiastic little lot, insisted on kneading the bread dough with their tiny little hands, which I generally prefer kneading using the hand blender with bread hooks. Oh, they were such delight to watch! 

This workshop was truly a memorable one. With some technical challenges and time crunches, we managed to pull off the 4 hour session with loads of goodies and some lovely memories. I was proud of my bunch of junior bakers, for being patient and supportive throughout.

More pictures!! Hop over and check out the Junior Bakers photo album to relive those memories and be a part of our fun through the pictures :)

Do such workshops interest you?

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