Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beyond the URL - by Cook-Eat-Burrrp

Blogging opens up avenues to meet up with so many people from across the globe who share a similar interest with you. Oh yes, so true... I have personally made some good friends through blogging and am glad to share recipes, thoughts and random rants with my blogging buddies :)
It was through an event that she hosted on her blog page last month, that I met Pallavi. She blogs at Cook-Eat-Burrrp and the caption on her page goes 'Not just another food blog' true to its nature as she does try to bring in a lot of innovation out there from creative recipes to interesting reviews and events. 
Recently she ventured onto a new section on her blog page called 'Beyond the URL'. She would interview fellow bloggers and post them up on her page. To my great delight, she reached out to me to make a start to this series. Instantly it interested me as it was a great chance to get to know fellow bloggers better.
You can read the full interview here: Beyond the URL - Nandita Pai Shirali
Fellow bloggers - those interested, do reach out to Pallavi and lets have some fun getting to know each other better :)
Great going Pallavi... here is wishing you all the best on this venture!! :)