Friday, November 2, 2012

Jam Bun Rolls

Okay. I am at it again. Baking Buns! :D I don't know what it is about these cute little buns, am just addicted to baking them over and over and trying out variations. So bear with me and ride along on this amazing bun-baking-journey that I am currently enjoying :)

For those who don't know about my fixation for baking buns, have a peak at these and you will know what am talking about :D

Stuffed Buns | Palya Buns, Sacoury Buns | Khara Buns , Coconut Stuffed Buns | Sweet Buns So, now you get what am saying about my mania for baking buns :D

Yeah, so the new addition to the family is Jam Buns. No introduction needed here, as this is another one of the all time favourites amongst everyone. Its a simple sweet bun, with tutti fruity filled with syrupy jam in the middle.

I used my fool proof recipe for making my yeast dough with the addition of a handful of tutti fruity and a measure more of sugar to give some extra sweetness. And interestingly the Kissan Jam squeezy I had bought a few days back came very handy for making these buns. It makes the process a lot simpler than having to scoop jam from the bottle and then squeeze it into the buns. So, I really recommend using the Jam Sqeezy for this. :)

Makes:  10-11 buns
Time (approx): 
  • Prep - 15 mins
  • Proofing - 60 mins
  • Shaping - 20 mins
  • Baking - 15 mins

You may want to check this post : How to make Yeast Dough?

Wheat Flour - 2 and 1/2 cup
All Purpose Flour (APF) - 1/2 cup
Warm Water - 3/4-1.5 cup
Instant Yeast - 3 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1 tbsp (add 1 tbsp more if you like your buns to be sweet)
Tutti Fruity - 1 handful
Olive Oil - 1/2 tbsp
Jam Squeeze tube / 1 cup of melted Jam - as needed

  • In mildly warm water, add sugar and yeast. Allow to sit for 4-5 minutes. The solution should begin to froth up and bubbles should appear on top.

  • Mix together APF, Wheat flour, salt, oil, tutti fruity and proofed yeast mix. Add extra water or flour as needed to make a firm, yet slightly sticky dough.
  • Keep this dough in a well greased bowl,  undisturbed for about an hour or hour and a half, covered with a damp cloth or with cling wrap.
  • After about an hour or hour and a half, the dough would have doubled in quantity.

  • Make even sized balls out of the dough mix and place on greased baking tray and keep aside for another 10-15 minutes.

  • Now, take each dough ball in hand (grease your hands slightly before taking the dough ball in hand), and gently roll them into mini rolls.
  • Make a dent in the middle by pressing it down with the other hand, squeeze out some jam in the middle and envelope it by closing in the dough mixture from all sides.
  • Completely seal the jam inside, gently pat the dough ball to flatten it a bit, and place it fold side down in the baking tray.
  • Repeat this procedure for all the dough balls.

  • Preheat the oven to 170C and bake these buns for about 8-12 minutes or until the crust start to get golden brown.
  • Take them out and gently brush olive oil or milk on top to give a gloss and to soften them a little.


  1. woooo creative and beautiful recipe :)

  2. Oh man! these are so tempting!and I have caught your love for yeast..after baking those doughnuts! these jam buns are soooo tempting! i love these things! I used to go to nilgiris and buy these jam buns and feel so cheated to get a tiny pea sized ball of jam inside :(
    well..........ul see them on my blog soon! def making these the last pics with the hearts :)

    1. U tempt me bad with those sinful doughnuts and u fal preay today :D hahaha!! Waiting to see them up in ur page :) And I am definitely making those doughyums soon :) Congrats for the yeast fever :D hehe...

  3. Yummy yummy yummy!!! :) Love the way u've plated them :) parcel some to chennai :) cant wait to taste these cute lil buns!

    1. Me make these for u, u make samosaaaaaaas! :) Done deal :D

  4. The bread bug has caught you :) lovely rolls... these remind me of ceam rolls I used to have dipped in chai :)

    1. Oh, tell me abt it... cant sit through an entire week without baking with yeast atleast once :D

  5. Wow that was simply superb... But in between you have written - completely seal the coconut mixture inside...

    Event: Dish name starts with P

    1. Thanks akila :) Yeah, it was already pointed out and I made the edits too :) thats wat happens wen you resuse bun recipes :D shhhh

  6. Very healthy buns. Kids will love it

  7. wowww.. yummm yummm.. beautiful clicks :)
    Happy to follow you Nandita :)

  8. wow Nanditha :) these looks perfect with a cup of tea , I love the idea of using squeeze jam simply cos I love them :P and i also love your last click with hearts ... seems like efforts to impress the other half :p

  9. Lovely jam rolls.It takes in general around 20 mins at 180 C for me when baking the buns.I am using OTG oven.since you have mentioned only 8-12 mins I would like to know whether am over baking or it differs with the oven.

    1. Gayathri - the baking time entirely depends on the oven. I use a microwave and so mine gets done fast.I baked these for my sister in her OTG and it did take longer. So basically you got to bake it till it turns slightly brownish on top. Yes, approx 20 mins.

  10. OMG!!! Looks soooo....good!!!

  11. tasty and yummy rolls

  12. wow.. these must be sinfully delicious!

  13. These buns are so inviting and I'm thinking to bake some. :)