Friday, January 4, 2013

Whole Wheat Pizza (with homemade dough)

Hello :) I have been away for almost a month now from this little space of mine. Been busy with various other things from work, to guest at home to fighting a flu. Now am over it all. Also, last month has had a lot of tragedies worldwide, with the Sandy Hook school shootout to the deadly ordeal of the Delhi girl. These two incidents really tugged at my heart deeply and contributed towards my being away from this space, as I was too disturbed and spent a lot of time reading about them :( Just yesterday I penned my thoughts of the unfortunate Delhi girl, into a poem (Shades of shame). RIP all those lovely souls! 

Meanwhile, some of you enquired about why I haven't been posting... thankies for thinking of me, it does feel great to be missed :) So, here I am with this brand new post, one I am truly proud of :) I made this today for lunch. I have been cooking a lot lately as we have been having loads of guests at home... but when it comes to daily meals for the two of us, I get lazy :P Today I had no clue what to make until it was 12 noon! :D

After mentally brainstorming, I settled for this recipe which I had in my head for a while now. I used my fool proof recipe for making the yeast dough and with just tomato ketchup and veggies at hand, created this yummilicous pizza, which by the way is made up of wholewheat with not a pinch of all purpose flour! :) 

For all those who have this misconception that home made pizzas are difficult to make or do not taste as good as store bought ones... well, make these once and you would agree with me that home made pizzas are super yummy and being healthier, you would think twice to order form out next time :)

Makes : 2 medium sized pizzas
Serves : 2
Prep Time & Waiting Time (for dough to rise) : 1 hour

Cooking Time : 20 mins


For the dough:
Wheat flour - 2 cups
Yeast - 1/2 tbsp
Sugar - 1/2 tbsp
Salt - a pinch
Water - as needed
Olive Oil - as needed

For the toppings:
Tomato Ketchup - as needed
You can use any combination of veggies that you like. 
I used - Onions, tomatoes, baby corn, capsicum and sweet corn.
Pizza seasoning - as needed,
Rec chilli flakes -  as needed
Cheese - 1 cup, grated

  • I followed this procedure [How to make yeast dough?] to prepare the yeast dough, only that I used only wheat flour and no all purpose flour. Just minus the 1/2 cup of all purpose flour and proceed with the recipe as is.
  • While the yeast dough rises, chop all the veggies and keep aside.
  • After an hour the dough would have doubled. Half it into two balls.
  • Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.
  • Dust the work floor with a bit of flour and toss one ball on it.
  • Knead for a minute and then roll it out into a flat round with about 3/4 inch thickness.
  • Fold in the ends a bit to form a mini wall of sorts and using a fork poke holes in it randomly, to ensure even cooking.

  • Transfer the dough onto a greased plate and smear tomato ketchup evenly.
  • Spread out the chopped veggies over this, sprinkles some pizza seasoning and salt.
  • Generously sprinkle grated cheese over. Smear a little oil on the sides, along the crust if you like them to become a golden brown.
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes at 170 degrees. Mine were done in 10 minutes.
  • Take out of over, sprinkle with red chilli flakes and pizza seasoning and serve hot :)

  • This recipe calls for very basic ingredients. I used easily available tomato ketchup instead of pizza sauce or tomato puree. It turned out perfectly well though.
  • Play around with the topping and get as creative as you can get :)



  1. Happy New Year Nandita.
    The pizza - crust and toppings both are fab!

  2. Happy new year dear Nandita.
    Great start to the new year with this fab pizza. Must try it soon. Love your Pizza cutter..very stylish!!

    1. Happy New Year Amrita :) Pls do try and let me know how it turns out... am sure u wud love it! And yeah, isnt he cute :D I love him too :)

  3. looks so scrumptious!

  4. Superb home made pizza :) looks like a good treat.. hope you enjoyed them dear... Happy New Year


    1. Happy New Year Priya :) Yes it was a super yummy treat :)

  5. That looks seriously tempting!

  6. As I said on CaL I am definitely trying this! BIG thanks to you...

    And I must say that your blog has one of the best formats I have ever seen! wish I can incorporate some on my own blog :)

    Keep penning!

    Nishant Jha

    1. Thanks a lot Nishant! I am so very glad this post is of help to you. I am sure you would love this pizza. Its so simple to make and yet super yummy! :) And I like to keep my page simple and hence this clutter free template :) Glad again, that you liked it and happy if you could use some of it on your pages :)

  7. I have planned to make pizza but have not decide what pizza to make yet....urs given me some idea nw....tq for sharing....

    1. Glad to know Arthy :) Do let me know how it turns out :)

  8. looking so yummy pizza recipe thanks for sharing this us.
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  9. can u please tell the temperature...
    bake 10mins on wat temp.

    1. I pre-heated the microwave oven in convection mode at 180 degrees and then baked it also in 180 degrees. The temperature depends from oven to oven, you could try baking at a lower temperature and keep a close watch on your pizza the first time.

  10. Hello Nandita,
    As confirmed by mail/chat this Wheat Pizza removed the mental block of Maida playing a pivotal role in my kitchen.Healthy pizza menu will be a habit henceforth.Thanks for the share in FB.I feel convinced with my abilities to cook!!!!!

  11. Hi looks yum....was planning to make one can you tellme which type of yeast did u used in making this pizza

    1. Hi Sona, I used Instant Yeast (Angel or Gloripan brand) for making the pizza base. Do let me know how your pizzas turn out. Happy Baking! :)

    2. Thanks but i got active dry yeast so how quantity should i use for pizza since i found some confusion in making yeast dough section as in introdction u mentioned 1tbsp of active dry yeast equating 3/4 tbsp of instant yeast n in buns section below u said 2tbsp of intant dry yeast or 1tbsp of active dry yeast can you pls clearify on this..thnks

    3. Sorry for the confusion :) It has been updated now. You can use the proportion 1 tsp of Instant Yeast = 3/4 tsp of Active Dry Yeast. And increment accordingly. Btw, its teaspoon not tablespoon. Hope this helps.

    4. Cool now im ok ...i just radomly used 3/4 tsp of active dry yeast in pizza worked ok. I have posted pic in baking for begnrs fb group.thanks...