Friday, October 3, 2014

Nan's Yum-yums! Bread Bakers - a bread baking workshop (July 2014)


Ever since Junior Bakers happened, where I experienced the joy of spreading the love for baking, I couldn't wait to do it again! This time, I wanted to let those apprehensive bread lovers, that baking your own bread at home is far less daunting than most think it is and in fact it is actually therapeutic! 

So, the agenda for my second workshop was purely on breads. A lovely bunch of 5 ladies came in along with their kids, some who baked along with their mommies, while some participated as individual bakers! It always amuses me how the baking bug can bite even tiny little tots... :)

It was a wonderful 4 hours during which we learnt the basics about yeast, with loads of tips and tricks which I felt would help these bakers while they begin their baking experiments back home. Then, we baked 3 variations of breads - Herb and Cheese Pull-apart bread, which was a crowd pleaser and a favourite amongst the kiddies, Cinnamon Hearts, Pizza Stuffed Buns. 

Each of the participants baked all these goodies and took them back home with a lot of pride and loads of smiles. :) Their boxes of goodies looks absolutely great and my heart swelled with pride and joy for them :)

An interesting aspect of this workshop was that a few participants came in with special requirements which we could blend into our workshop and meet each of their needs. 

The garlic bread was a special request by one of the little bakers, who happens to be a huge fan of the Domino's Garlic Bread Sticks. So his mommy wanted to learn how to bake that foe him. And so, we baked a Garlic Bread Stick as well.

Another participant had specially requested to bake only with wholewheat and so all her baked were made of only wheat flour. And then another mommy, wanted to learn how to bake a simple wholewheat bread loaf and we did that too, as a group.

And then the best part of the workshop... was the lovely lovely feedback that they left for me! These beautiful words from my baking students, made me happy and feel that it was all worth it!! :) Thank you all! :)

Some of the participants, have hence begun baking at home and have shared some beautiful pictures of their bread creations. I am happy to have been able to help them discover the bakers in them! :)

More pictures!! Hop over and check out the Bread Bakers photo album to relive those memories and be a part of our fun through the pictures :)

Do such workshops interest you?

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