Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Snowman Pizza

It is December and Christmas is just round the corner. Not that I really celebrate it, but somehow this month brings in a lot of holiday cheer in me and makes me want to bake, bake and bake! Well, I guess its just another excuse to bake! ;)

The Christmas Fruit cake is a must-bake during Christmas and is on every body's bake list this season. I mean, how can Christmas pass by without an indulgence into a flavoursome, nutty, fruity cake right?! 

So having baked the much awaited fruit cake this year, I was in for more baking and wanted something savoury and different this time. Something cute yet festive.

That was when this little guy popped in my head. Having seen similar bakes on Pinterest, I have been long wanting to bake these cuties. Now was the right time! 

And also since I cannot make a snowman with snow, I thought I will bake a snowman with dough!! Teeheehee... thanks for bearing with me through that cheezy rhyme! :D

So this isn't a recipe post really, its more of how to shape and decorate a regular pizza into a snowman pizza. For measures on making a pizza dough, the link is in the ingredients list. For the rest, its totally up to you on how you want to decorate your little guy. I have mentioned here what I used to decorate my snowman. 

Happy Baking! :)


Pizza Sauce
Olive Oil


  • To make a snowman shaped pizza, take a portion of the pizza dough and divide it into three balls of concentric sizes.
  • Flatten each out and place them in an overlapping manner such that the smallest is on top and the biggest at the bottom (see picture for clarity).
  • Press the area that overlaps to ensure the rounds do out get detached while baking.
  • Poke all over the flattened out rounds using a fork. This is to ensure the dough doesn't balloon up while baking.
  • Smear pizza sauce on the base and spread grated cheese all over.
  • Place two olive slices for eyes, a triangular piece of carrot for nose and a slice of onion for the snowman's smile. Place round pieces of carrots for the snowman's buttons. Voila! Your snowman is ready to be baked :)
  • Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes or until the crust is light brown and baked through. Do not over bake the top as you don't want a snowman looking sun burnt! :D 
  • Once done, remove the pizza and sprinkle pizza seasoning on top and enjoy your adorable little snowman! :)

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