Friday, July 13, 2012

Kela Sassam | Banana in Sweetened Yogurt | Konkani Dessert

This is the only sweet dish I have come across that uses curry leaves as a flavouring agent! Yes, curry leaves in a dessert! A very simple to make, quick and delectable recipe, Kela Sassam is a Konkani delicacy which has been a favorite of mine since childhood.

An ideal dessert to make while in a rush and when you have guests coming over at short notice. Preparation time is just about 15 minutes with very basic ingredients you are most certain to find around in your kitchen. Also, when you have over ripe bananas and do not feel like eating them plain, you can just give them a make over and create this yummy-in-the-tummy goodie :)

Not to forget, this is a highly nutritious dish too.

So, whats holding you back?! Indulge in this dessert and feel the goodness of it's simplicity take over! :)

The riper the banana, the better. More sugar is required to sweeten the dish if the banana is not very ripe. This is best served chill, hence refrigerate it for a few minutes before serving. However, cut bananas can blacken if left open in fridge for long. Hence, make sure they are not left in there for too long!

Banana - 3 ripe
(I used green ones, instead if you are using yellow ones, take 4)
Curd - 2 cup
Sugar - 3-4 heaped tsp
Ghee - 1 tsp
Mustard  - 1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds - 1/4 tsp (optional)
Curry Leaves - a few


  • Peel and cut the banana by making two slits lengthwise and then dicing it into tiny triangular pieces.

  • Add curd and sugar to the chopped bananas and mix well.

  • In a pan, heat ghee and add in the mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Allow to crackle and then add in the curry leaves.

  • Pour this seasoning over the banana-curd-sugar mixture.

  • Mix well and serve chilled!


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  2. love the clicks and like this recipe.. I usually have milk and banana combination with hot chapati's. Must try this one soon!

  3. You reminded me of a dish I love and haven't had/made for the longest time!Love the pics!

  4. I can try this. Looks tempting. Thanks for the recipe.