Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Colour-splash Parathas!

I love being organised. I always have to have a plan in my head to get going. Chaos makes me dysfunctional. I like to be prepared and hate being caught by surprise. This applies to everyday chores too.  I like to schedule a mental checklist and timeline for every chore and go by my plan. That helps me get things done.

And for busy work days, I plan up things over the holidays. Making chapathi dough, chopping some vegetables, grating coconut over the weekend, and stocking up the fridge with these essential for at least the first few work days makes it easier for me to get through the hectic weekdays.

So, the last weekend I had made two types of doughs. One to make Methi Parathas and another to make Beetroot Alu Parathas. As planned I made the two parathas one on Monday and the other on Tuesday. 

Recently the husband has also started taking lunch to work. I find it quite interesting to pack lunch for someone. The early morning scrambling to pack up our lunch boxes, making sure everything is neatly packed and then seasoning it with love :) Then later in the day await the feedback and check if he enjoyed his meal. It is satisfying.

I was particularly curious on what his reaction would be after the second day's pretty pink parathas! :D He actually liked it! Since there was some more dough left of both, I asked him what coloured paratha he preferred for the third day of the week? He jokingly replied, both combined! 

Well well well... you should never joke about food with a food blogger! :P This morning, much to his surprise, this is what he woke up to!! Haha! It was so much fun creating these :D 

Are they not a pretty sight?!! :) They were quite an attraction at my work place too :)

Note: You can make this with any two types of parathas like spinach, pumpkin, carrot or any other kind you fancy!

  • Take a small portion of each dough, about half the size of a lemon. Combined they should be the size of a lemon.
  • Hold them together and form a lemon sized ball.
  • Roll them out like you would a regular chapathi.
  • Roast over a griddle and slather on some ghee if you like.
  • Enjoy the colourful parathas! :)


  1. omg such an tempting and attractive paratha :) looks fantastic dear !!

  2. Its so so good and healthy, Looks very pretty too. Should try it for my baby. Btw am just like you, Like to plan and get chores done else makes me worried:)